What services does the CCR&R provide? 
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How do I review the current status of a child care provider? 
What is the difference between Family, Group, and Center child care programs? 
How can my program's information be updated to receive referrals? 
Is the training offered by the CCR&R accepted by the state? 
What training do I need in my first year of working in child care? 
What training is required of me before I open a Group or Center Child Care Program? 
What are the minimum education requirements for Lead Teachers? 
What training is required of me before I open a Family Child Care Home? 
How is the training year determined? 
Does Fire Safety count as part of my annual 10 hour minimum requirement? 
Does CPR/First Aid count as part of my annual 10 hour minimum requirement? 
What is Quality Rated? 
Who is responsible for operating Georgia's Quality Rated program? 
What does Quality Rated mean for families? 

If you are submitting an application for a Child Care Learning Center (CCLC), you must attend a Licensure Orientation Meeting (LOM) class prior to submitting an application for license. LOM is required for all CCLC applicants and is strongly recommended for GDCH applicants. LOM classes are conducted monthly and there is no charge to attend. View our Caregivers page for LOM schedules.

As of October 1, 2005 Bright from the Start requires that prior to the issuance of an initial license, the director of a Child Care Learning Center (CCLC) must complete a 40-hour Director's Training course that has been approved by the Department. Applicants for a Group Day Care Home (GDCH) license are not required to take the Director's Training course. You can visit the Georgia Professional Development System to find scheduled Director's Training Courses at: https://www.training.decal.state.ga.us/bfts/welcome.do

Starting December 1, 2012:
Directors at Child Care Learning Centers will be required to have ONE of the following:
--Child Development Credential (CDA) & six months experience
--Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) in Early Childhood, or Infant/Toddler, or Program Administration, or School Age Care & six months experience
--Technical College Diploma (TCD) in Early Childhood & six months experience
--40 hour Director Training and 5 years experience
--Associates Degree & six months experience
--Paraprofessional Certificate & six months experience
--25 quarter or 15 semester credit hours in Early Childhood & six months experience
--Bachelors degree in a field other than Early Childhood & 3 months experience
--Bachelors degree in Early Childhood
--Masters degree in Early Childhood

Starting December 1, 2012:
For Group Homes:
-- Attend an orientation course
--Attend 40 Hour directors training course
--Meet the same requirements as listed under the director requirements


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