What services does the CCR&R provide? 
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Do you help pay for child care? 
How do I review the current status of a child care provider? 
What is the difference between Family, Group, and Center child care programs? 
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Is the training offered by the CCR&R accepted by the state? 
What training do I need in my first year of working in child care? 
What training is required of me before I open a Group or Center Child Care Program? 
What are the minimum education requirements for Lead Teachers? 
What training is required of me before I open a Family Child Care Home? 
How is the training year determined? 
Does Fire Safety count as part of my annual 10 hour minimum requirement? 
Does CPR/First Aid count as part of my annual 10 hour minimum requirement? 
What is Quality Rated? 
Who is responsible for operating Georgia's Quality Rated program? 
What does Quality Rated mean for families? 

As of July 1, 2009, new FDCH applicants will have to possess one of the following:

- Child Development Associate (CDA) credential
issue by the Council for Professional Recognition;
- Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) in Early
Childhood Education;
- Technical College Diploma (TCD) in Early
Childhood Education;
- Associate Degree in Early Child hood Education
- Paraprofessional Certificate (issued by the
Georgia Professional Standards Commission)

As of February 1, 2009, new Family Day Care Home Providers must obtain 20 hours of pre-service training before receiving a certificate of registration. To maintain their registration, new family day care home providers and existing family day care home providers must obtain 10 hours of training relating to the care of children on an annual basis.

The rule revision requires new applicants to:

- attend a Registration Orientation Meeting
(6 hours)
- have documentation of CPR and First Aid training
(4 hours)
- complete pre-service training (10 hours)

The pre-service training is a total of 10 hours with two hours each in:
1) Early education standards
2) Communication
3) Professional and leadership development
4) Business management
5) Advocacy for the parents, children and staff in
the family day care home.


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